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The act of shitting and pissing explosively, in a simultaneous manner,(sometimes occurring involuntarily), so as to relieve built up tension.
If you keep shpissing in my mouth, I'll pass out.
by MRPOPO August 23, 2005
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A bowel movment with the consistency of urine.

Also see: Shpissing(verb)

Man#1: I was just about to head over to karaoke night at the Half Baked Tator bar and grill when I shpissed myself in the kitchen. Yep, took a huge shpiss right there on the carpet.

Man#2: damn
by Gabby J. Johnson October 23, 2017
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When you’re on the toilet and you take a shit and piss at the same time.
β€œDamn That shpiss was so goood!”
by Wankstar123 May 22, 2018
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