The male human when erect is one of two sizes. Long or rather short. Most males grow to an extended length after a rush of blood enters the penis. This person is a GROWER.

Some males will not grow in length when peaking an erection. These males are as long as they are gonna get, either stiff, or soft like a bunny. They are known as SHOWERS, as they show their goods in the beginning.
Johnny is a shower. Susan was disappointed when Johnny didn't extend his man muscle more. Freddie is a grower. Linda is in great pain in her lower abdomen after Freddie extended an extra foot in her vagina. Are you a shower or grower?
by The Geek July 27, 2006
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a guy with a big schlong, but it doesnt get any bigger once erect.
"when I got into bed with this guy his penis was big but once he was turned on it did not get any bigger, he was a shower not a grower"
by mepheld November 02, 2013
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