A request for the train of thought that lead to a given statement.
Jim: Anne sure is a tramp.
Bill: Oh yeah? Show your work.
Jim: She keeps a volumized logs of everybody she's been with's penis size.
Bill: Yeah, that's pretty trampy.
by Fancy Horse July 29, 2011
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Something math teachers ask you to do when they have nothing better to do and want to fill up their lesson with busy work in case the principal walks in.
"Don't forget to show your work."

"Why, though? The problem is 1+1..."

"Always show your work, no matter how useless it is, children. It will secure you a slot at your dream college."
by Moon Worshiper August 30, 2022
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When you just cleared your calculator and your teacher says show your work now you have to go back and redo your work and then colapse from work.
Perfectionist teacher: jimmy show your work.
by No work pls February 12, 2019
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When you just finished your long math assignment and your about to turn it in. The teacher gives you a 0 because you didn’t show your work.
You should have show your work, now you get a 0 and detention.
by Robert The Haunter October 17, 2018
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