"Shote" is a slang term for short, which is used when talking about the last few hits of a cigarette, joint, or blunt.
by T_Weezy March 08, 2011
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Shote is not much unlike the word "shit" But it is used in a way that is less derrogitory. It can also be used around peers that do not like cursing because it is not a curse.
That slurpee was so shote!
The sun shoted out on us!
This is so shote.
Shote out!
by Drew Richie May 23, 2005
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A disabled person who has absolutely no vision of the world, they are brain dead and are annoying, they have really dry and flaky skin and their hair regularly sheds in large amounts. They will also throw things full force at you when you have the chance.
"I fucking hate this stupid shote, hes really pissing me off, the fucking stupid goblin lookin ass"
by Rickyberwicksbollocks105050 October 31, 2019
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The past tense form of shit. If you shitted a while ago, you could say you had just shoten.
Danny: I just shoten. It was so big, I had to push it down with my hands!
Sally: Did you wash your hands?
Danny: Maybe.
by Some guy who has a small brain February 19, 2019
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Past-tense form of shit.
Synonyms are shat, shitted, shit, shet, crapped, defecated, et cetera.
I was experiencing severe constipation, but after eighteen laxatives I finally shote.

On a scale of one to ten, how many times have you shote this year?

The last time I shote, I thought I wouldn't survive.
by Frederick H W C Johnson December 28, 2016
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