Longcat's evil twin brother. Usually found hiding in the small-sized fry wrappers at places such as McDonalds.
Now for my fr... OMGZORS!!11!!1 SHORTCAT IS IN MY FRIZORS!!11!!!1!!!one
by Coljzors December 7, 2007
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When your cat is randomly walking all over your keyboard and finds keyboard shortcuts you never even knew existed.
The cat deleted some files on my desktop today just sitting on the keyboard! What a shortcat!
by Ithomash January 16, 2013
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A vacation lasting less than 4 days. A short vacation because of lack of funds or time.
Funds are tight and I just started a new job so it's going to be tough for me to get away this summer, I'm going to have to take a shortcation to get my head straight.
by tomco June 19, 2014
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