noun. - A hair folicle which is most noticably not from a chin or human scalp due to its distinct shortness and curl.
Johnny, you didn't clean the bathroom. I found a few short and curlies on the toilet seat.
by Oak1eyman June 4, 2004
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slang for a difficult question or situation, implying that the question or situation is akin to having someone tugging on your pubic hairs
"How can you be the father???"

"That's a short and curly."
by dnaurban May 26, 2008
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Something women do to their hair to make them unattractive to men.
I decided that I never wanted to get laid again, so I decided to go short and curly. I'm thinking about chopping off my breasts next.
by Mikeyman3938 March 11, 2010
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I have crabs in my short and curlies! They are making my taint itch.
by T May 25, 2004
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Too use the term short n curlies is expressing a term of verbally grabbing someones junk expressing totally dominance over that person because the opposing person has lost their train of thought or can no longer express their opinions on the current subject being debated
"i have 4 years of law school behind me", the man was shocked, like i had him by the short n curlies
by El Creepy July 31, 2010
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