A command asking someone to roll dice for money
Aye bro, shoot dat money.
by mrmiltown February 16, 2010
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That one word your Dad uses when his football team loses but he doesn't want to curse in front of you.
Favorite Team: *Loses*
Dad: Aw, shiiii-
Mom: *Threatens to take the kids and file a divorce in a single look*
Dad: shoot.
by Bun_buni April 24, 2020
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Kind of like "shart", but for women....who can't seem to say the word fart and insist on using the word toot.
I was at a party and thought I had to toot, but instead I shoot-ed. Took an hour to air out my soiled panties.

Sorry I shoot-ed while we were having sex...
by gobroberts October 08, 2018
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Person 1: i can shoot you some of my extra cigarettes.
Person 2: shoot em this way
by jacob14sk14 June 30, 2015
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