Lower middle class persons who day trip to the Jersey Shore. The origin of "shoe bee" goes back to the 1930's when day trippers from Philly would come down to the shore and carry their lunch in shoe boxes, as was common practice at the time
I'm glad to be here in Brigantine on a Tuesday since there are no shoe bees around.
by Peter99 July 18, 2005
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A shoe bee is one who lives the Philly area, comes to the Jersey Shore, and act like they own the place. Generally are lewd and obnoxious, always leave any place they have been much worse for the wear. Jersey Shore locals generally use the beachs in the fall after those mentioned above have finally submitted to the constant local chant of "shoe bees go home!"

see also "benny"
by Anonymous November 10, 2003
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To wear socks with sandals or any toe less type shoe or anything where the toes or most of the foot is partially covered by the shoe. Simply put its footwear you normally DO NOT wear socks with.
My daughter told me to tell Dana not to wear socks with sandals to work. When he does that everyone should yell, "SHOE BEE"!
by Tragic-Genius November 22, 2007
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