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A cocktail drank in the shower. Often done in the interest of time efficiency, or just because its awesome
Friend 1: Yo should we shower or pregame? we don't have time to do both

Friend 2: Lets shocktail it

Friend 1: Lets
by bluekeylargo August 18, 2010
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A shocktail is a clear beverage in a glass, discovered the morning after a hell bender. You assume it the the glass of water you partially drank before passing out. However to your taste buds horror, it is the melted cocktail of last night. That Vodka taste jerks you to attention, and you teeter on the precipice of projectile vomiting or passing out.
David rolled over in bed, asked his girl to hand him his water, unfortunately she handed him a shocktail and he has never fully recovered.... Sadly.
by 86Futzer July 28, 2011
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