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An idiot coworker that thinks they are a genius. They are also very conceited and think life revolves around them.

They are most likely from a big city like Chicago, NYC, or DC and think their city is the ONLY city. They only wear name brand clothing like Patagonia to make them feel special. All Brads and Chads are considered shmobes.
Anna "I just had to make the stupidest Excel document for Jared while he is smoking a cigar in a robe. That guy literally couldn't use an iPod Nano"
Kayla "I know right, he's always telling me to do my job and live my life!"
JB "That dude is such a shmobe."
Kayla "Holy shit, he's SUCH a shmobe!"
Anna "The Shombiest."
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by richard parker February 06, 2018
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