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fresh, positive, outlook on a situation or object
i had shmint night

that band was realy shmint

im feeling really shmint about this

you are so shmint
by ramdomwordmaker May 06, 2010
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n. : The smell of mint mixed with with the smell of excrement. A word often used by closet scat fetishists who simply *must* work the idea of poop into their every utterance.

adj : 1) The quality of smelling like shmint. (also "shminty") 2) Possessing both good and bad qualities in such a way that the bad outweighs the good by several orders of magnitude.
"Oh, man, did you detect the subtle aroma of shmint on that Dell rep's breath?"

"Wow, the lunch & learn today was wicked shmint. I like gravy, but what the hell kind of meat was that supposed to be?"
by lordshamus July 26, 2007
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The smell of shit and mint combines in an enlcosed space, usually a bathroom.
While Adam brushes his teeth at work, Derek takes a large smelly shit. The odor evolves from mint/shit merges into one smell: shmint
by XMoses2003 June 21, 2007
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