Girl: Did you know that James is a "shithead"?
Boy: Yeah he is a s h i t h e a d
by 43242 October 12, 2020
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A person who can't be trusted around alcohol because they either end up mixing their bipolar medication with whisky or shooting WINE (like who the fuck shoots wine for crissakes?!)
by caffeineabuser December 23, 2018
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When one drugs someone else, takes their scalp off, then proceeds to dedicate on their exposed skull. Then, now this is the important part, the scalp is then stitched back on and the victim is tucked into bed.
Man Tony’s head ACTUALLY smells of shit! I can’t believe it! He’s actually a Shit Head!
by Officer Party Hard July 13, 2019
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a name for a baby. very cute and sweet
“uh yea SHITHEAD are you here”

yea i’m right here
by tigsthemonster December 14, 2020
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