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An overwhelming amount of shit. A shitload many times over.


|---> shit times infinity
|----> shitfinity.

I have a shitfinite amount of work to get done by yesterday.

To shitfinity and beyond!
by Refried February 22, 2004
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The actual name of Comcast's television, internet, and telephone service. The beloved cable company, widely respected for its honesty and top-notch customer service, was just trying to give its product an accurate name. However, customer complaints about the obscenity soon forced them to censor the name to "xfinity". Sometimes stylized as SHITFINITYยฎ.
After his bill nearly doubled, Dave spent over an hour on hold determined to cancel his Comcast SHITFINITYยฎ, but once the service rep. finally answered she simply refused to let him cancel it.
by Chuuupa July 23, 2016
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