The lower intestinal tract, including the rectum and anus, through which all fecal matter egresses on its way into its final destination, be that the toilet, the floor, or in the least desired result, one's undergarments.
As a rule, my girlfriend does not like to take it in the shitpipe, but I'm still working on her ...
by Shit Brick June 06, 2007
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the human or animal colon, used in the storage and release of feces.
1."I was hurting so bad, so I went to the toilet and emptied my shitpipe." 2."yeah i heard she likes it in the shitpipe"
by Chlydra Osceola September 23, 2005
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Often referred to as the chocolate starfish or rusty sherrifs badge. this entrance should be appraoched with caution!
"Spread my shitpipe and fuck my arse till i bleed"

"that bitch got rimmed on the shitpipe"
by Stylee September 26, 2003
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Little glass pipes you can make or usually buy at tobacco stores (oil burners) that you smoke crystal meth(shit, tweak) out of.
Me (To store clerk): Hey can I get an oil burner?
Clerk: Yes.. (Shows up 2 different kinds of shit pipes)
Me: Nah, let me get the skinner one please.
Clerk: Okay, that will be 5 dollars.
Me: **Thinks to self**....Fuck yah, my other pipe was all burnt and made the shit taste no bueno!

NOTE: Fuckin' stay away from the shit man, TRUST. 60% of the meth you buy on streets ain't even shit, more like toxic leftovers from the production process and crap that ameturs made and THINK is meth.
by Weslack November 15, 2006
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A large pipe that delivers IBS-induced shit from the house to the bay.
Oh damn, the shit pipe is backed up again.
by m.maggiora December 31, 2009
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