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A by-product produced by mostly old people who wear diapers, as well as babies. The shit biscuit is formed when they shit themselves, but doesn't clean up or get changed right away. Over time, the turd is flattened out (from sitting on it) and eventually hardens into a dried out biscuit or cookie-like turd.
"I went to the nursing home today to see grandpa, and I think he had been making a batch of shit biscuits."
by rockstarchris September 05, 2006
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A curse word for those times when normal ones just aren't good enough, and flour-based confectionery items have to be included to properly express one's frustration.

Interchangeable with Cuntcrackers, Titwafers, Fuckbourbons etc
Person 1: Dude, I totally just got off with that girl you fancy last night, oh and I facebook raped you this morning.

Person 2: Shitbiscuits!
by Chazmeistro March 30, 2009
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1. A confectionary given to your enemys, consisting of:
Shit + Biscuits.
2. A curse for when "Oh FUCK!" just isn't enough.
1. I really hate that brian-face, I know what I'm going to bake him, shit! and biscuits! Shit-biscuits!
2. Oh Shit-biscuits! (realising youve forgotten to wear clothes whilst in the middle of a flight to Ibeza)
by Tom Glenx April 19, 2006
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A fist full of human fecal matter that was acquired through an anal fisting.
Friend 1: "yo! I still got shit under my finger nails"

Friend 2: "nasty! From what?"

Friend 1: "from fist fucking some nasty bitch for shit biscuits last night"
by Robharry53 January 10, 2017
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like a little kid getting on your nerves is a little shit biscuit cause idk they pretty much shit in a bag on their waist...oooh or a little black tar baby
"dude im tryin to play guitar hero nigger fuck off you little shit biscuit!!"
by julian_boredom December 24, 2007
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