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The antagonist in Fern Gully, whose goal is to destroy the rainforest. He is the scariest thing ever and gives little children nightmares.
I watched Fern Gully last night and I had nightmares about Hexxus. I wet the bed.
by aomia July 25, 2009

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When you have eaten a lot of junk food and you sit down on the toilet to take a crap. Thirty minutes later you notice that the shit seems to have gotten stuck and is plastered to your hole, so you have to use an entire roll of toilet paper to get it out. In some cases just get off the toilet and take a shower.
I was late for class because I had a giant bag of Cheetos last night and it gave me the worst chain of junk food shits.

I had the junk food shits last night and I used an entire roll of toilet paper until I noticed that there was still shit all over my ass, so I decided to just take a shower instead.
by aomia February 25, 2010

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A combination of constipation and diarrhea.

When you have constirrhea, you constantly feel like you have to defecate but every time you sit down on the toilet and try to go, all that happens is you shart loudly and some liquid poo squirts out.

Constirrhea is extremely annoying because:

1) You have to make constant trips to the bathroom over the course of the constirrhea.
2) It costs money because you have to use a shit ton of toilet paper.

3) It makes your butthole sore.
4) It is usually accompanied by bad gas. Sometimes, it's hard to tell what is flatulence and what is feces. Thus, it can cause you to shart your pants.

Constirrhea is usually a result of : IBS; Crohn's disease; food allergies; eating junk food
Last night, I had really bad constirrhea because I drank 7 glasses of milk and I'm lactose intolerant. When it was finally over, I jumped into the shower to clean up. Two minutes after the shower, I had another constirrhea attack and ejected several globs of molten poo all over my freshly cleaned butt cheeks.
by aomia January 26, 2015

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