Someone who brags about how tough they are and talk as if they're invincible yet when it comes down to an actual fight they will back off and get scared. Much like the characteristics of the Shih Tzu dog who will bark and snarl at something and then flee and cower when faced with the threat.
"Jimmy talks tough but he's really a Shih Tzu. He was picking Barry but by the time Barry rolled up his sleeves, Jimmy was nowhere to be seen"
by Some DUDE!!!!@ September 22, 2006
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Really bad zoo, bit like the one in Baghdad, where only a couple of animals are left alive and even these get fed so rarely they can barely move.
A shih tzu like the one in Baghdad, where the only things left are maggots and vultures.
by Da Grinch August 03, 2007
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A deceiving face that pisses everywhere in your home. Looks like Falcor (never ending story) when shaved.
Why does the house smell funny......oh there's pee stains over here.....the shih tzu did it
by st.lupuplin August 09, 2015
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an uncircumsized penis which, because of its extranious layers of skin, resembles the dog of the same name.
Man, all guys in the UK (except for the British Jews) have shih-tzus.
by Johann F. Salazar April 27, 2005
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Shih Tzu is another term for shit.

It is also small cute breed of dog.

Also the name of a band, 'Kinza And The Shih Tzus', with the number one album 'For Those Who are Shih Tzus, We Salute You'.
The band was started on the outskirts of London, inspired by the large eyed, silky haired dog. The band members are the lead singer and lyracist Kinza, other lyracist and back up singer Ruth and the second back up singer and drummer Millie.
Guy sneeks up on friend.
Guy: BOO!
Friend: Ahh! You scared the shih tzu outta me!
Guy: Sorry! Hey, do you wanna check out Kinza And The Shih Tzus tonight? They're performing at 9:00.
Friend: Sure! I love their song 'SOS Please Save Our Shih Tzus'. Their lyrics, based on animal testing are so deep.
Can I bring my shih tzu, Popo, along too?
Guy: Okay!
by Popo Teh Clown December 25, 2006
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An excuse to pull yourself from saying the S-word.
by Power476 December 17, 2020
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