n. Exclaimation point. The result of pressing the <shift> and <1> keys simultaneously.
MdnnaFngrl894: omg i didnt touch your lo mein i swear
Gdssheart4u: really?
MdnnaFngrl894: I SWEAR
MdnnaFngrl894: shift 1
MdnnaFngrl894: shift 1
by hotfrenchtoast May 1, 2005
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Generally used in 'L337 Speak' to signal "!" as the combination of Shift + 1.
OMFG JOO $7ol3 Meh *Cookie* LOLZ !1 # ELEVENDY
by EtosGaltusso November 10, 2004
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The keys used to type an exclamation mark. Noobs often forget to hold down the shift button when being noobs so instead of "!", they simply type "1"

The term "SHIFT+1" is often used, with sarcasm, when mocking a noob.
"ZOMG~!!! I am TEH best!!! SHIFT + 1!!"

by MC1991 November 28, 2007
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