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a friend i know that broke up with an amueture porn star and eats 5 ound hot dogs that spray white juices into his eyes(he enjoys this).His favoritecolor is shit green and his favorite foods are super shit sundays and banana splits with whip cream.He loves to talk about his sex adventures of lemiwinks and the gay midget sex he has been waiting for all his life...
that gay guy on socom who named his character shibbs
by mike December 05, 2004
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A cs player that was once a nub and now is a l33t c4k3
-d0 y0u n0 th4t l33t sh1bbl3?
by Big Ben March 16, 2005
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On NCIS, it was the first person Leroy Jethro Gibbs was ever paired with. The 'sh' part of it was the beginning of his first (and deceased) wife Shannon.
NCIS fan 1: Do you ship Shibbs?
NCIS fan 2: Of course! How could you not ship Shibbs?
by just a crazy NCIS shipper December 16, 2013
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