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when a man tucks his wiener in his buttcrack and moons someone.
dude, yesterday i gave ariel the sherman tank. i could tell by her look that she totally wanted to suck my dick.
by Sean Rowland April 02, 2007
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A medium tank employed by the US army during WWII, was generally effective in an infantry support role, but lacked the necessary armor and armament to combat the more advanced german Tiger and Panther tanks. The tank relied on numbers and co-operation with dedicated tank destroyers to combat the superior german armor.

The tank was easilty produced, reliable, a valid engine, it was equipped with a 76mm gun, and adequate armor. It was an adequate tank, but suffered great casualties.

They were prone to combustion when attacked by the high velocity 75mm and 88mm guns the Germans employed, nick named 'Ronsons' by the British for this reason.
The standard medium tank of the allies was the Sherman tank
by 215763 April 10, 2008
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The epitome of down-to-earth, rugged, and masculine design. If something is "built like a Sherman" then it pays infinitely more attention to functionality and die-hard components than something as useless as aesthetic design or nifty features.
I just got this safe. It's built like a goddamn Sherman tank! All it has is a dial, a handle, and one tough-ass casing, no air-cooled inner pockets or any of that bull.
by Metatag October 17, 2005
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