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A woman that is hard to get and hard to hold. Once you fall for her you'll never get over her. No other woman could come close. She knows u spirituality and emotionally and gives you everything you need physically but only if she wants to let u in. She doesn't let many in. You will never forget her and will always want her to help u understand yourself. She is a woman. She is the whole package. Every woman has private parts but this woman has a brain. She has power and once she's touched you she's taken all the power of control you ever had.
I wish Sherina was my girlfriend. She's soo hot and sexy.
by mrx January 20, 2016
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Sherina is the name of an ancient Hindu Goddess, reknown and worshipped for her insolence, dominative character traits and vivid dreams. She was feared and respected across the length of India in the early 5th Century. Supposedly in rural India, her wrath and tyranny remains....
by Bhaviks May 12, 2008
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