A shellfish that won't share a thing
Hey Larry I just ripped off that dudes claw.....Yeah give me some, nope. You asshole you are a selfish shellfish....

Mr. Crabs: I got me some more money.

Sponge Bob: My Crabs can I have a raise, Nope sorry Sponge Bob.

Plankton: If you can steal Eugene Crabs recipe. If you can get me that recipe Spongebob I will give you a dollar.

Sponge Bob: Oh sorry Plankton, I couldn't do that to Mr. Crabs, he is just a selfish shellfish.
by Looney Larry January 31, 2010
A selfish person that takes manipulates you for their own benefit what they can while only revealing a fascade or shell of their true personality
She’s not like that dude, she only wants your tickets. She’s completely shellfish.
by Glenn Thomas August 22, 2020
Khloe Kardash ate some shellfish and died dou to shellfish allergies.
Khloe Kardash and shellfish don't belong together
by HelAGEDDOGS April 18, 2019