A paintball term describing the melding of two different markers, a Smart Parts SHocker and a Planet Eclipse EGO.
I just took my old Ego trigger frame, drilled holes in it and put it on my Shocker; my Shego pwns!
by 702-Fishhead October 01, 2006
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ShEgoshee-gohNoun 1. A part of the ego that a woman of any age or race, can tap into.
2. Personal power manifested and used for the benefit of yourself and or others.
3. The embodiment of confidence & presence of your truest self.
1. Her unique shego, is what helped her turn a small idea into a billion dollar brand!
2. Wow, there's nothing more powerful than a woman who knows how to enter a room with her shegoin full effect.
3. To study your shego is to study yourself.
by Shegoceo June 22, 2014
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