Sheep - blindly follow's the herd, lack of invidualism
Tard - retarded, of low IQ and knowledge.

A person without consciousness and ability to think for themselves to their own detriment.
Look at all of those sheeptards voting for _______.
by Lexvegan February 13, 2008
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The American Population--otherwise known as sheeple People, who after being made mentally retarded by their government, become a flock of worthless, brain-dead sheep who have a voracious appetite for watching others become millionaires on Reality TV, drinking poisoned water, breathing in chemicals sprayed into their air, eating genetically altered foods, paying taxes readily so the Elite can buy their country out from under them with their own money, being blinded by the shiny new state quarters, laughing at George Carlin, and then praising and defending the government who has slowly killed them and their country.
The Sheeptards like taking a good stiff one from the powers that be, so long as they can vote for their favorite American Idol.
by USADexter September 25, 2008
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People who say the same dumbass shit the dumbass they follow said, even if it goes beyond all logical rationality or factual statistics.
by Deutscher_Name October 31, 2020
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