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1. combination of the words short and ed/edwar

2. self-proclaimed business genius, who often creates supposedly "fool-proof" plans that miraculously find ways to fall through.

3. shawteds often believes themselves to be gigolos, who completely understand the female psyche, but are often ignorant to the fact that every woman they have ever encountered has been throughly irritated, much less amused by their antics.

4. shawteds excel in racquet sports such as tennis, racquetball and ping pong.

5. shawteds make excellent barbers (with the occasional screw-ups), often openings small dorm-room businesses under the name ShawtEd Cuts!

6. a shawted is not a shawted, unless they find a way to bring lebanon or being lebanese into every single conversation that they have.

7. the word shawted can be used as any part of speech
eli: hey habibi. how was your day

jihad: was shawted.

eli: hey...what did you end up doing with layla last night?

jihad: shateeeeeeedddd
by fijeonne April 07, 2010
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