Area within your brain that defines time perception. Can be affected by so called 'Made up drugs' such as 'Cake'; a Visterbile Amphetamoid from Prague. Cake and the effects on shatners bassoon is covered in a episode of the 'Brass Eye' concered with drugs.
One unlucky user died after being run over by a bus, he thought he had 3 months to cross the road.
by Valetudo March 24, 2004
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The part of the brain that contains the musical instrument captain kirk of the USS Enterprise owned in 1967 and used to perform to the crew on Friday nights around stardate 16 400 supplimental. Spock,

Bones and Scotty occassionaly made up the woodwind quartet with their own instruments - The saxaphone, picollo and English horn to the delight of the crew.
Bones (To Spock) : Spock you confounded fool the captain has been flying solo since 8pm on his basoon!
Spock (To Bones) : Facinating..
Scotty (To All) : Come on! We've gotta help him, grab your instruments and meet me on the bridge.
All : (Musical Mayhem)

A la : Shatners Bassoon
by Krikkers Maggo March 2, 2007
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a part of the brain that gives an effect similar to the use of drugs or sexual intercorse and also can br brought on with the use of music of a mufty variety
that was like undulating my shatners bassoon
by clive May 12, 2003
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Like a Dutch Rudder, only the recipient auto-felates, whilst the participant manually moves their head up and down.
Wow, last night was wild, I think I made doug give me a Shatner's Bassoon!
by Calibre Hull April 12, 2011
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