A little yappy dog that never shuts up.

Also another word for feces.
Segal! Stop barking, you stupid dog! Dammit you fucking shaneyra, I'm going to put you in the kennel!


Damn, you stupid! You don't know shit from shaneyra!
by Joose Jenkem June 04, 2014
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She is funny and loves to make people laugh. Can be shy and territorial. A faithful women and fun to be around. Beautiful and one of a kind. Can have a temper but loves to help people. Somewhat of a nerd with no common sense. Down to earth. A goofy and random person. Usually has long toes and worries way too much.
If you find a shaneyra, hold on to her.
My gf is being a shaneyra, clumsy and full of no common sense.

That's definitely a shaneyra you have with you.
by segal June 08, 2013
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