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Spelled Pronunciation: Shaa-laa-vaa / šalava
Origin: Russian Language
Historical background: None. Jargon, Folklore.
Translation: None.
Closest meaning: Slut
Synonym: blyat, shluha, suka.

A derogatory term, an insult, usually reserved for females. Also a prison speak, shalava is a man who cannot be trusted.

Basically, another one of Russia's great mysterious folklore labels for a bitch that just won't listen. This word carries no explicit meaning and generally means "a mutha fuckin' bitch whore slut blyat,.... !!!BLYAT!!!"

To insult someone, this word could be used by itself - "SHALAVA!" or in combination with other words in a sentence - "Ah you're such a SHALAVA!"
by The El Zorro January 14, 2008
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