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1. hottest guy that will ever exist
2. someone who will never grow old (as in ever)
1. omg shahrukh is so amazingly fine that i just want him
2. shahrukh is not 1080 years old, hes 39
by why do u care? November 22, 2004
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A Boy who will be a very famous and lit soccer player. He will get payed Billions upon billions. People aren't going to ask him how many cars do you have... They'll ask him how many private jets do you have. And when they ask me can i have a ride in your $100M private jet I'll say "Shut the fuck up bitch😂".
Shahrukh " All of you will wish to be my friends when i be soccer player "

Autism peeps " Hell Nah You Dont no the wei brother. You wont bee socor playar"

*15 Years laters*

Autism Peeps " please can we ride in your $100M luxury private jet..."

Shahrukh " shut the fuck up bitch 😑😂

Definition : to persuade or manipulate.
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by Jiseob (joking someone lol) October 09, 2018
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