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Similar to shafiq, shafiz is also an angel from heaven who was sent to save someone, whether it's saving someone from danger or saving someone from emotional distress. Shafiq or shafiz is someone who is compassionate and loving. They are more likely to be the fire signs instead of the earth signs, They are most compatible with Earth Signs.
Thats shafiz over there!! His so innocent .. Wish to be like him!
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by Dr Dominic PHD D.t January 02, 2018
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A person that has a very intelligent and smart barain. He can manage himself properly. He can also dominate at all of sport games. He has many friend because he is so friendly to all people. So, you must friend with him and he can change your life become better.
Shafiz is very smart in the class.
by Danial Einstein April 23, 2018
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