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a slang term to describe having sex with a female thats irrestibly bangable
or just sex.
DUDE!!! i heard my mum + dad having sha-boink-boink last night!!

damn! that girls sha-boink-able.
by HAAANNNAAAHHH September 19, 2009
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when a guy and a girl "meet" the bee flies into the bird and she is shaboinkboinked.
this term is not to be confused with getting it on. shaboinkboink is a common term in the americas which refers to the action of having sex with people you don't really know, but all is well because masterbation is nasty and dirty and means you have no life.
well you see...what had happened was, i met this lil shawty at the club and she had a FINE bootae. i took her sexy self in the back room and we got our shaboinkboink on.
by shaboinkanaynay April 27, 2011
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