Simon Fraser University, located in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada
SFU sits on top of Burnaby Mountain, giving it a beautiful view over north Burnaby
by TELUS February 5, 2005
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what everyone calls a university a top a dreary rain soaked foggy mountain that is ranked number one causing for student suicides in Canada
what university do you attend? Someone fucked up.
by petrovichl June 4, 2005
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Sucks for you.

As in 'Man, you have the worst luck.'
Oh, you have to stay home and clean?

sfu, man
by bob August 31, 2004
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Stands for "Schools for Fools University" .
Its a place that people say they are going to if they aren't going to school . Its for people who would rather spend their money on clothes and shoes than an education .
Homie #1: "Hey where are you going to school?!."
Homie #2: "SFU !."
Homie #1: "San Francisco University !."
Homie#2: "No, Schools for Fools University ."
Homie #1:" Damn I wish I was going there ."
Homie #2: "That's what's up ."
by seatoo . September 7, 2010
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So Fucked Up
University on a mountain top in British Columbia as known as Simon Fraser University
A: I scratched my dad's car.. What should I do?
B: Dude you are SFU.

A: Shit, this campus looks like a jail.
B: This place is SFU.
by chzhfpr October 1, 2009
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So Fucking Unreal! The place located on top of Burnaby mountain which is simply unreal and awesome!!
SFU is Awesome!!
by SFU ADMIN2 February 24, 2009
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