the perfect female
also it mean like uber coolness anyone with a name like this is special and perfect in everyway

A person capable of ripping out your heart in front of you. Often used in tandem with when describing a succubus or other such female from hell.

Very sexual person who loves to fuck all the time. Also loves to please her partner with anything she can do. Susans tend to have big boobs. They also tend to be slutty;whory;bitchy but makes up for it because they are amazing at sucking penis. They are also very flirty and will basically flirt with anyone they meet. Sometime in the future expect these sezen to became either exotic dancers or porn stars.
Boy1: Hey have you fucked a sezen yet?
Boy2: No not yet I heard shes amazing though!
Girl1: Hell yeah she is!
by vanityhearts May 25, 2008
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