When attractiveness or the ability to be perfect rains down on a particular individual because their sexy magnets are inifinity times stronger than everyone else.
Beck and Sarah walked into the room and everybody died because they were either struck with jealousy or lust for the two sexy girls.
by sexypotato12 January 17, 2013
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Someone or something that has sexual attraction towards another
DDAAAYYYUUMMM booii ur girlfriends ass is freaking sexy!

OMG! Adrien's abs are so sexy! I could just lick them all over RIGHT NOW!

He was staring at Thalia. Her gorgeous silken blonde hair. her D cup boobs. her sassy walk that just made her so sexy. If he could, he would have stolen her away, gotten her clothes off and eating her out HARD
by I'm Sexy Thalia <3 March 12, 2012
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something hot, but not just people things too. Something nice or cool.
Them tims is sexy.

Eyo, that t.v. is sexy.
by Ellyse December 03, 2006
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Person 1: Hey I'm getting a new puppy next week!
Person 2: Sexy
Person 3: Holly Crap! I can't believe I'm gonna meet <insert famous person here>!
Person 2: OMG! I've always wanted to meet <insert previously stated famous person>! Thats ultra Sexy!
by SandwichArtist December 03, 2008
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Vietnamese people say that to a person who is naked. They also pronounce it, "Sessy."
Con cho sexy, tao ban con cho luin.
by theZombix August 22, 2008
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of course, it's always gunna be Lauren J. :)
"dude, who is that sexy girl?"

"Oh, that's Lauren, she is awesome."

DAMN!! She is like, the sexiest person iv'e ever seen!"
by PruneyLumps October 02, 2010
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Jessica Farkas the sexiest person in the world. Her name is synonomous with Sexy.
Did you see that sexy girl?
Yeah she was sooo Jessica Farkas!
Dude you are soo freaking right!
Amen to that!
by Who freaking knowS? September 02, 2007
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