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To have an abundance of sexy attributes.
Abounding in sexiness. Embodies sexiness.
Citing Google...
1)How are you and how's the big beastly and seximous man doing?
2)Be careful! Some crazy girl might pick you up and decide that you are so seximous that she will keep you forever and ever!
3)This threw a damper on my plans to go see seximous.
4)Usually I see some bad pictures of him in videos but those were all seximous!
5)Your body is quite seximous.
6)As for my current ladyfriend: reader, have you ever felt like you were in the presence of one of the coolest people on earth, hands of THE coolest? Okay so maybe coolest is a really lame word. I could think of a better word...awesome, amazing, super, stupendous, seximous, unbelievable....etc.
by El3GANT April 11, 2007
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