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someone that you want to lick really badly
a word that you use for someone you think is sexy
that sexy boy is a sexicle
by NICKNAX February 14, 2007
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Sexicles (noun). A person who enjoys and practices sex with great enthusiasm and enjoyment, usually with more than one person over a period of time. As in: the Hercules of sex! The word came about when a friend and I were talking about our "love lives."

Can also be used for someone who sends sexy text messages, letters, e-mails, etc.
Right now Tiger Woods seems to be a flippin' Sexicles!
by dorian chicago February 25, 2010
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The term to describe the penis of a male who engages in sexual intercourse with a cold-blooded female.
He slept with her and she never called back. Now he's got a sexicle.
by wisco-dood December 14, 2010
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