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Having sex with someone new to get over someone old. A way to cut any last emotional ties to a person you used to have sex with. A non-religious, therapeutic exercise.
Person 1: She needs to get over her ex already!
Person 2: Yeah, she needs a sexercism real fast.
by OliveBinItaly September 24, 2011
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The act of sleeping with someone who have been acting like a real pain in the ass in the hopes the it will relax them enough that they'll start acting like their regular self. This also includes any assisting actions that directly results in such a person getting laid.
1) My roommate was acting like a total dillweed for over two weeks until we talked this one blonde chick into performing a sexercism on him. Now he's acting like his nice ole' laid-back self.

2) My roommate is being such a bitch lately. We've got to do a sexercism on her soon or she gonna drive us all nuts.
by artwolf September 26, 2011
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We you are fucking a bitch but then realize she Is possessed and hehe to give an exorcism with fucking her.
Dude last night I fucked a bitch and had to give her a sexercism
by hash@55daddie May 08, 2015
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