A woman who is very sexually attractive. Commonly used by men, who are use it in thier homosexuality.
"I think that chick is the sexbomb to me".

"Goronchev may not be a girl, but he's a sexbomb for all the gay males".
by benos July 31, 2009
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the word sexbomb is normally used in english slang to insult a bigger lady who has a lot of sex. (derogatory term)
“had my 3rd date with daisy last night, she’s a proper sexbomb”
by john brigsby April 8, 2023
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an incredibly gorgeous person; great personality; filipino; bombdiggity phresh; most likely used to describe a May
Sami: May is such a sexbomb!
Princess: I know, right?
by pockyprincess February 7, 2009
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Sexbomb, sexbomb
you're my sexbomb!!!!!!
bloody glorious word
proper cheesy
"Hi, im a sexbombbb!"
by rachulll February 7, 2008
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