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When a girl is a virgin and scared about her first time then usually she'll steal a condom from her parents room and slip it onto a nice unripe banana. She'll spread her legs wide and force it deep inside, to break her hymen and test if a penis will actually fit. If it does fit then she'll pump it in and out for about 15 minutes even if it hurts. If it doesn't fit she'll smear it with vaseline and jam it in harder until it works.

Sometimes done by pathetic older women with no boyfriend/husband
"Oh my god, I'm so scared that he'll know I'm a virgin... Oh well I'll break my hymen and have sex with a banana!"
by Beatricethevirgin July 29, 2006
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When a girl is too young/cheap/shy to buy a dildo, she'll take a nice ripe banana from the kitchen, and shove it up there.
ohmigod! im so cheap i dont have money! how will i satisfy myself! *grabs banana* sex with a banana!
by bananasarefun March 18, 2007
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A girl who doesn't have a dildo will sometimes use a banana. She'll balance it on a pile of really tall pillows, and then straddle them, which forces the banana deeper inside allowing it to put more pressure on her clitoris. She'll rock back and forth, leaning forward and back, even bounce up and down to force it in and out.

Done by virgins most of the times, a lot of girls these days break their hymen by themselves so it doesn't hurt their first time.

I felt really horny last night and didn't have my dildo nearby so I grabbed a banana and rammed it deep inside. God having sex with a banana feels sooo good!
by alanafrommontana October 22, 2006
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