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A fun poem that gives you a very large boner.
"Roses are red, nuts are brown, skirts go up, pants go down, body to body, skin to skin, when it's stiff stick it in, it goes in dry comes out wet, the longer it's in the stronger it gets, comes out dripping, starts to sag, Its what you think...its a teabag" thats a great sex poem
by guy who knows stuff February 28, 2012
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A poem that is about sex.
Sex Poem
By: Me

Sexier than a fox,
In need of some hard cocks,

She needs to get the panties down.
She wants those nuts nice and brown.

Sure, she's a slut and a ho,
But she sure knows how to put on a show.

Her blowjobs are to die for.
She'll leave you asking for more.

Repay her with your dick so strong.
She wants it in her pussy where it belongs.

Parents aren't home and she's all alone.
Filling her house with the scent of love and cologne.

Pulling her deep into the crisp, white sheets.
Her body's a hotel with completely furnished suites.

Inside her, it's warm and wet.
Beautiful and sexy in that fishnet.

Pull off the shirt, pull off the coat.
Toss her into the sea, off the boat.

Hit her hard, hit her long.
Her screams creating a wonderful song.

Don't end or you'll regret it.
Don't leave now when it's finally getting lit.

Love her hard, love her long.
And finally say goodbye to the ding-dong.

The little slut can go back to the club.
Time to go bang another girl in the shrub.
by Sexy Stripper Queen March 06, 2017
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