A man who loves sex alot and will do anything for sex!
"D00d! 1'11 t0t411y 5u><0r y012 c0ck f012 qu41273125!!1!
by Poopsy July 4, 2003
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A simon sex manic is a person that's extremely good at sex 24/7 and also produces cum 10 times faster then the average adult male. A simon sex maniac can sometimes be so agressive that there will literaly come smoke off of his penis after the intense crazy sexy dance.
He also is known to fool bitches with his avarage sized penis they often are like "hey i don't know if this will do it for me" the simon sex maniac will then go insane during the sex and actually will commit hate crimes against cock shamers including cock slamming, cock guillotine and cock murder.
Wow you are so amazing with your penis! Are you a simon sex maniac ??
by Slayerofcocks November 22, 2021
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Satisfying sex for both partners in every aspect of the intercourse way better than what expected!
Alex : wow! What a sex
Naomi : yea, It was maniac sex!
by Bryx August 3, 2016
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