a term used to define where a person lives
"hey baby girl, where's you set up?"
by Lil MAC March 22, 2004
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v. The act of configuring or building an object, system, or process. Literally, "setting up" something.

Usually misspelled as "setup", which is the noun form of the thing that has been set up.
We set up the last of the servers this morning, so now the whole system setup is complete.
by Loadmaster July 29, 2005
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A tattoo or ink.
Yo, I hear Davey got a sick new setup at High Rollers.
by maddlater'd December 04, 2007
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When a Dude is about to Fuck with a Bitch
Yo My Dude i got to go, I Got a A Set-Up With this Bitch.
by Willie Blanco April 17, 2006
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