Killing someone in your own gang, but who is in a different set. i.e. a different street but in the same gang
Man the bloods beset trippin mofos in da same gang
by AC July 23, 2003
To trip over the set (street, block, area) you claim.
To become violent towards a gang or crew.
I can't believe that nigga is set tripping. I'll bring it to his dumb ass.
by GB April 3, 2003
Bring violence in the name of your gang. Gang violence.
The Compton niggaz all about to set trip.
by nokianinja October 8, 2002
To affiliate yourself with several different gangs without belonging to one particular gang.
The rapper x-zibit is a set-tripper. That's why he got jacked by then mexicans.
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
to throw down another gangs colors or sign
this fools about to set trip on the bloods
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
Set tripping is actually the act of hanging with a set that isnt of your own. Like a 83rd street crip hanging with (and pulling out missions with) a shotgun crip.
Isnt that smoke from 23rd with those shotguns? That niggas set trippin again!
by mgunit May 17, 2004
"Sets" are refrences to street gangs. Set tripping is violent results from the confrontation of two rival gangs or gang members. Gang members identify eachother by tattoos, hand signs, and colors worn. Gang members or gangbangers rarley hesitate to attack another gang member who represents a rival gang.
"Ready to pop the clip in, ready to start (set) trippin'" - T.I.

We was in the club and this nigga' starts set tripping.
by Jimmyjoejon March 17, 2008