An act of auto theft involving unnecessarily stealing a vehicle while the owner is behind the wheel, by throwing the owner out of the car and driving off, despite having alternate means of transportation. This is usually done brazenly, under the influence of intoxicants, in a crowded place, regardless of how many eyewitnesses are present to identify the culprit later.
Andy, "Could I offer you a ride home?"
John, "No thanks man, I'd rather Serl a car."
by Magdalene St. Vitus December 25, 2007
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Serling is a handsome knight. A combination of authority and new leadership. He is strong and has a big heart. Always ready to rescue his maiden.
He enjoys being the knight in shining armor for his lady luck!
Every woman wishes to have her own Serling!
by Binka0228 December 27, 2016
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