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When Chelsea and Tamika can not be a part from one another for any longer than 5 seconds. They feel uncomfortable when each other are not around. All they want to do is be around each other all the time.

This is also called being in love.
Tamika; I can't function when Chelsea is not here. I just want her here to cuddle her and hug her.

Chelsea; I miss Tamika so much, I have so much separation anxiety when she isn't around.
by Anobserver December 07, 2013
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This is where children and babies become scared and anxious over their parents or carers leaving them in a childcare setting. The children will most likely cry and need comforting, so that they will become more independent and not become so anxious when their parents leave.
parent 1: How was my child today?
Key Worker: Your child continuously cried and didn't want to eat or play. I believe he may be suffering from separation anxiety
by ObserversAreWatching February 13, 2017
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