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Apart from the obvious (to send a fax to another person in another location),
To send a fax is also understood as to shit on the toilet!

The toilet paper is been seen as the fax paper, the toilet & sewer as the medium of transmission, and you fill in the blank what the ink will be!
Damn man, I need to shit so badly I'm almost shitting in my pants!

You're planning on sending some faxes?

Faxes? to where?

To the other side of the world, where people will read them! :-)
by Fukaface! June 01, 2011
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When a woman gives fellatio to a man and her head goes all the way back and thrusts forward in rapid succession
Bob: oh god i had the best head last night

Jim Oh was she Sending some Faxes??

Bob HELL YEAH brofist

Tina Im so proud of my BJ skills I can totally send faxes

Debbie Wow SLUT I wish I could send faxes
by sooksumwang September 01, 2011
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