semra is a very beautiful girl. she is funny and bubbly and lights up any room that she enters. she is typically very musical and rhythmic that loves to dance and sing. she loves to have a laugh and is easy to talk to. she is always the life of the party and if you have a semra in your life then you are one lucky person. semra is amazing and you should treasure her. she is very strong minded and will speak her opinion and tell you the truth always. semra is one of the most reliable people there are.
me: do you know a semra?
penny: yea

me: lucky!
by livealittletodiealittle August 20, 2019
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Short, annoying, and sassy Italian who wears 2 scrunchies and dares people to lick markers. She get's high easily and has an addiction to saying "like" and "literally" in every sentence.
Me: "That's kinda dumb"
Semra: "You are like, literally so rude"
by 349136499349136499349136499 November 19, 2019
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