another name for a semi erection
person 1: dude my semi pro wants a ho
person 2: i dont care
by shortyboy619 January 24, 2010
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(1) talented almost to the point of being a player in the MLG ( Major League Gaming )

(2) Uber talented at video games, ie. pwn'n newbs

(3) Run. Jump. Lay down. Scan. Fire. Semi - Pro. ( The Ram Project, Dan's White Shoes )
Man that kid is so good, i bet he is Semi - Pro
by Triple Twenty April 14, 2009
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A 2008 Will Ferrell movie in which he plays the coach/owner/player of the Flint Tropics, an ABA basketball squad. When it is announced that the ABA will be merging with the NBA and only the best teams will join, Jackie Moon (Ferrell) needs to get his team to win.
This movie has come under much criticism by both critics and fans that it is too similar to Ferrell's other comedies except it isn't as funny or witty.
STEVE: Hey Tim, did you see Semi-Pro yet?
TIM: No, but I did see Blades of Glory and Talladega, yeah, I guess I did see Semi-Pro.
by Jonnie C. July 27, 2008
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(1) a woman who is so slutty that she is a semi-prostitute, hence, semi-pro. Not to be confused with semi-rape.

(2) someone who excels in some field (e.g., pool) but falls short of "professional" status.

(3) a male who "dusts the tip" of his male-friend to encourage him, if you know what I mean.

(4) refers to a feminine tone of voice that men sometimes use when talking to girlfriends on the phone or when they feel nervous.
The drac got all semi-pro on his buddy.

Yo. That's bitch is a semi-ho. Let's semi-rape her.
by fifteen minutes September 7, 2004
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Like a pro ho, the female who goes for guys strictly because of their athletic prowess, but works it a tier lower, in the semi-pro field.
She's all about the cat 3 racers. What a semi-pro ho.
by J_F May 16, 2007
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A football league for people who won't let the dream of becoming a football star die. The word "pro" is misleading, since these people don't actually get paid to play football, and a lot of teams don't even have any real requirements for who they'll let play.

Also, it lets a bunch of 40 year-olds relive their high school glory years by trying pitifully to play a game that has long since passed them by.
Bill: Hey Rick, I heard Tony is playing Semi-Pro Football.

Rick: Yeah, that's pretty sad. He just won't let go of the fact that he sucked when he played in high school.

Bill: Oh I know. This is almost as sad as being a volunteer high school football coach.
by Potato Sack January 17, 2008
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One who is working their way up through the beer drinking ranks, usually starting off with cheap, shitty light beer and progresssing to stronger, more full bodied fare.

A person who enjoys drinking beer but can only handle a few before slurring, vomiting, and pissing on themselves.

A pro beer drinker who has a half boner(semi)
#1. I remember when Karl had his first beer; he could barely hold down a Miller Lite. Now he pounds Heineken like it's water. He's ready to step up to the pros and have a Guiness with Rick.

#2. Danko, the quentessential semi pro beer drinker, had two beers, then his pants fell down and everyone saw his Blue Moon.

#3. CR had a partial rod from staring at all the prime booty while he slammed a few Modelos.
by Dr. Cockenstein June 21, 2009
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