To add a "Like" to one of your own posts on Facebook. Kind of an embarrassing act.
Hey man, look at this. Tina has just added yet another self-like to one of her posts. Bitch got no friends!
by PhilipSkovgaard September 4, 2009
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To add a "Like" to one of your own posts on Facebook, Youtube or similar. Only people with a superior godlike self-esteem can pull this off without feeling embarassed.
A: Hey, Dave just self-liked his post. What a loser!
B: Nah, you are a loser. He's just bad-ass and doesn't give shit about what you think.
by davidfish December 10, 2016
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(v.t) To 'like' one's own posts on Facebook, in order to display your posts in the Facebook ticker for those who have already disabled one's posts in the news feed. Generally used by irritating people with enormous egotism. Also spelled 'self liking'.

(adj.) Egotistical enough to 'like' one's own posts on Facebook. Ironically, people who are self-liking often have self-esteem issues, feeling uncomfortable with themselves unless their mundane posts are 'liked' by everyone on Facebook.
WTF? I can't believe that you are self-liking your posts just to get them past my news feed; I might have to unfriend you.

Don't read any of her posts; she's always self-liking.
by chillr October 11, 2013
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