The most beautiful song, dedicated to one of the best actors ever, Paul Walker. By Wiz Khalifah and Charlie Puth. Played towards the end of fast and furious 7 and causes even the manliest of men shed a tear.
Did you here the new song "see you again", I almost cried while listening to it.
by Wpapka1104 June 21, 2015
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The saddest song! It will make everyone cry. Written about Charlie Puth's friend who died in a car crash.
Person: Did you listen to the song See You Again?
Person 2: Yeah it made me cry.
by Katie654321 March 25, 2016
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Being filled with happiness inside your heart, as you see someone that you haven't seen in awhile that you truly missed.
It can be said like this:"its good to see you again." translating into you having missed their presence and being so glad to see them again.
I missed my best friend so much, that I was filled with joy when I got to see her again, and it meant so much to me.
by theonlyonewhodoesnthaveaclue November 23, 2013
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